Review: Mountain Hardwear Trinity [ 2-man, 3-season tent ]

Product Description
When you carry your house on your back, you want maximum space for minimum weight. This hoop design is the perfect solution to that age-old dilemma. At a little over four pounds, the Trinity is ideal for traveling light and fast when there's just the two of you. Made of naturally hydrophobic, UV-resistant ripstop polyester, the fly doesn't stretch like nylon when wet; the pitch stays taut - no midnight-in-the-rain adjustments. Floor and fly are both fully taped. The three-point (non-free-standing) set-up is easy. Two low, mesh intake vents draw fresh air in, while two high canopy vents usher humid air out.

Retail: $299

Reviewed by: Claude, a Backpacker from Baie-St-Paul
Date Reviewed: 7/16/2002 8:34:08 AM

Overall Rating:

I used that tent on a three months bike trips. I experienced heavy rain for two weeks in a row and never get any water or humidity in the tent.

This shelter is incredibly easy to mount and dismount and is big enough for two person (occasionnally).

On starry night the tent is perfect for star gazing without mosquitoes.

  Reviewed by: Greg, a Backpacker from Olympia, WA, USA
Date Reviewed: 1/29/2002 1:16:12 PM

Overall Rating:

The trinity served me well on an around the mountain trip of MT. Hood in Oregon where I experience high winds in exposed areas with no hint of tent failure. It is important to position the tent with its rear into the wind. I have not experienced heavy rains, but have spent many a night in light precipitation with no discomfort. Okay, it is not a spacious tent, but I usually go solo and for that I have no complaints. Two of us did spend two nights in Spray Park on Mt Rainier and though cozy the room was enough.

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